5 stars for learn from Sammy Reshevsky

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Review in NIC

 I have just seen the review in NIC 2024/2 in my tablet.

Review in NIC
New in Chess 2024/2
Rearn from Sammy Reshevsky by Sadlerhttps://www.newinchess.com/

Learn from Sammy Reshevsky Sadler Review in New in Chess 2024/2


I am very happy because Matthew Sadler gave 5 stars to my latest book, Learn from Sammy Reshevsky.

He wrote: “Sometimes you need a book to open your eyes to a topic you´ shied away from and Learn from Sammy Reshevsky certainly did it for me! …”

What a praise! And what a gesture of sincerity!

He added later:

“Thanks to Franco`s enthusiastic annotations, I`ve grown to appreciate Reshevsky’s style more and more and I ended up loving this game collection!…
«Franco´s annotations are not too heavy and read very pleasantly, levering a number of sources – Garry´s superb annotations in My great Predecessors – and using engines for appropriate corrections.”

He liked the book, I am happy 😊



¡Qué felicidad! 🙂

GM Zenón Franco Ocampos

Ponteareas, 30 de marzo de 2024